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Kasp Armoured Shutter Padlock - 80mm
Dimensions Key

Kasp Armoured Shutter Padlock - 80mm

Product Code: K17580D

37.99  (45.59 inc VAT)
45.59  (37.99 ex VAT)
Kasp 175 Series Armoured Shutter Locks With its ingenious design and reassuringly heavyweight construction, the 175 series offers a high level of resistance to virtually all common forms of attack.

With its protected hardened steel shackle, ball bearing locking mechanism, hardened steel armoured jacket, anti-pick mushroom pins, and drill resistant keyway, the 175 series is extremely tough under attack.
Features & Benefits

* Hardened steel shackle -
Extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks.
* Ball bearing locking -
Extra strength to resist torsion and pull attacks
* Solid brass body encased in a hardened steel jacket -
Extra strength and resistance to corrosion.
* 5 pin cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins -
Extra protection from lock picking.
* Paracentric keyway -
Extra protection from manipulation.
* Drill resistant cylinder -
Protects the cylinder against drill attack.
* 2 keys are supplied with each padlock.

Please note these padlocks are created in the Kasp factory to specific key numbers. Every padlock keyed differ or alike will come with 2 keys

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 80
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 12
  • D
  • Horizontal Clearance
  • 38
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 17
Extra key for Kasp Padlocks

Extra key for Kasp Padlocks

Product Code: EXKASP-1

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)
Extra Key for supplied Kasp Padlocks. These are cut to the supplied padlocks only and will not work your existing locks.

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