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Keylex 800 Mechanical Digital Codelock

Keylex 800 Mechanical Digital Codelock

Product Code: KL800.

330.00  (396.00 inc VAT)
396.00  (330.00 ex VAT)
High quality mortice deadlocking latch - Solid bolt ensures secure re-locking every time.
Anti-thrust snib on double-throw latch.
Prevents latch from being prised back.
Standard duty mechanism.
Allows many hundreds of operations per day.

Entirely mechanical operation. No electronics or electrical wiring involved.

Allows code combinations of up to 12 buttons.
Over 4,000 selectable code permutations (recommended 3 to 6 digit codes).
Code scramble. Allows all codes to be entered in any order.
Passage function. Allows free passage from both sides at code users' discretion.

Brushed stainless steel buttons. Will not indicate usage.
Free exit. Provides escape from the inside, without code entry, regardless of the lock status.

Backset 60mm.
Door thickness 30 - 45mm standard. Up to 75mm optional.

Available with key Override and supplied in Satin Chrome or Antique Bronze.

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