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Keysafe Big Box S7

Keysafe Big Box S7

Product Code: L11533

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The S7 Big Box KeySafe accommodates access cards and a multitude of bigger keys (such as car keys) and is supplied with a black neoprene cover which simply slips around and over the KeySafe hiding it from view and protecting it from the elements.

All KeySafes are made from Zinc Alloy and come with a 24 month guarantee.

The S7 Big Box KeySafe is supplied with a fitting kit which consists of 4 heavy duty expandable dyno bolts.

These bolts have proven to be the most substantial way of fixing your KeySafe to brickwork.

These bolts are STRONG, SECURE and very EASY TO USE.

External Size: 4.75" High x 3.5" Wide x 2.5" Deep

Internal Size: 3.75" High x 2.25" Wide x 1.75" Deep