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Master Pro Series 6121
Dimensions Key

Master Pro Series 6121

Product Code: 6121

32.99  (39.59 inc VAT)
39.59  (32.99 ex VAT)
Engineered to take on the elements year in and year out, Pro Series " Weather Tough" padlocks are ideal for outdoor applications.

Hardened Boron Alloy Shackle. Xenoy, Thermoplastic Cover - Protects lock body and cylinder from sand, dirt and other contarninents.

Dual Ball Bearing Locking - Protection against prying and hammering Flow Through Debris Channels Prevents lock mechanism from jamming.
High Security Cylinder with Spool Pins Provides high resistance to picking.
Rekeyable Design Permits fast and easy cylinder replacement to restore security.
Laminated Steal Body Reinforced interlocking construction for high impact resistance.
This padlock is supplied with 2 Keys

Keyed Options

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 54
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 8
  • D
  • Horizontal Clearance
  • 22
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 28
Extra Key for Master Pro Padlocks

Extra Key for Master Pro Padlocks

Product Code: 585

3.00  (3.60 inc VAT)
3.60  (3.00 ex VAT)

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