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Enfield ER25 Brass Padlock
Dimensions Key

Enfield ER25 Brass Padlock

Product Code: CR25

6.49  (7.79 inc VAT)
7.79  (6.49 ex VAT)

Solid Brass Body, Case hardened shackle for maximum protection againest cutting. Triple plated for best rust resistance. Pick resistant mushroom pins. Double locking. Supplied with two nickle-plated brass keys.

Please note when ordered keyed alike these padlocks are created by hand for individual orders. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. Each padlock will come with 2 keys unless ordered to a specific key number.

Key Configuration ?

  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Body Width
  • 25
  • C
  • Shackle ∅
  • 5
  • E
  • Vertical Clearance
  • 17
Extra keys for Papaiz Padlocks

Extra keys for Papaiz Padlocks

Product Code: EXK-PAP-STD

2.00  (2.40 inc VAT)
2.40  (2.00 ex VAT)
Extra keys for Papaiz Padlocks

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