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Ultion Cylinder Vs Standard Cylinder - Cylinder Snapping

Product Code: Ult-Snap

Lock Lock 2 star Kitemarked Handle Set

Product Code: LockLockDC

33.00  (39.60 inc VAT)
39.60  (33.00 ex VAT)

Due to it's durability and quality of design this product has achieved our 'LSW Approved' status, reserved for only the top performing products within their market sector.

Please note these Handles do not come with a Euro cylinder - PLease see the Ultion Range for the highest Security Cylinders to work with these handles.

The Lock Lock Handle sets are the highest security handles on the market with security ratings above all the others.

They are TS007 2 star kitemarked , Secured by Design and the only handle on the market Sold Secure accredited.

They have been designed to prevent entry even by the most determined burglar and have been tested vigorously to withstand every type of forced enter method currently used.

These handles are available in 5 different finishes - White and Black (cheapest options)

or the metallic finishes - Brass , Chrome and Satin Chrome

They also have 2 different screw centers available and length of Spindle pack.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more or would like any assistance selecting the correct model for your door.

Handle Style
Handle Screw Centers


Door Type /Material
Lution XM graphite lubricant

Lution XM graphite lubricant

Product Code: Ult-Lub

7.99  (9.59 inc VAT)
9.59  (7.99 ex VAT)
The Ultion approved Lution XM graphite lubricant is designed to keep the 11 pin system inside every Ultion cylinder working smoothly. Putting this on your key and sliding into the lock twice a year also maintains your guarantee.

Using wet oils or WD40 will cause damage to your lock and invalidate the guarantee
Key cap range suitable for Ultion Cylinder Keys

Key cap range suitable for Ultion Cylinder Keys

Product Code: Ext-k-Ultion

From 4.00  (4.80 inc VAT)
From 4.80  (4.00 ex VAT)
These additional products you can purcahse to add some colour to your keys. Only suitable for keys are for the Ultion 3 Star Kitemarked Euro Cylinders.

Please select from the colour options below and add these to your quote if you are interested.
Body Colour
Rear Clip

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