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Union 1445 Rim Lock

Product Code: UN1445

33.99  (40.79 inc VAT)
40.79  (33.99 ex VAT)
Application: For wood doors up to 50mm thick, hinged on the left or right and opening inward only.

Operation: Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side. Latchbolt is withdrawn by knob from either side.

Case Finish: Black Japan
Backset: 51mm.
Case & Keep Material: Steel, Black Enamel or polished brass finish.
Bolt: Brass, latchbolt is reversible.
Keying Groups: 2 nickel plated steel.

Keyblank Number: KB150 - spare cut keys RF (numbers range from 4 - 13).

Variants: Supplied with strike plate number 1207.
Extra Key for Deadlocks supplied in this section.

Extra Key for Deadlocks supplied in this section.

Product Code: RDEXK

4.00  (4.80 inc VAT)
4.80  (4.00 ex VAT)

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