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Union 2 x 19 Key and Turn Cylinder
Dimensions Key

Union 2 x 19 Key and Turn Cylinder

Product Code: U2X19CYL

34.99  (41.99 inc VAT)
41.99  (34.99 ex VAT)
Locked externally via a key this Union cylinder allows for the use of a thumb turn internally. Designed so that the internal thumb turn will function whether or not the lock is unlocked this cylinder is ideally suited to communal access and will provide compliance with modern fire regulations.

Finished in satin chrome this is a high security 5 pin cylinder supplied with a set of 3 keys.

Various cylinder lengths are available, details for which are given below. The cam on this Union cylinder is located in the centre of the lock, thus to find the distance from the edge of the lock to the centre of the cam, divide the overall length in 2 (i.e 65mm overall, distance to centre of cam is 32.5mm).
Cylinder Size
  • Reference
  • Name
  • Size (mm)
  • A
  • Cylinder Length
  • 65
  • 74
  • 83
  • B
  • Cam Centre
  • 32.5
  • 37
  • 41.5