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Back to School Security

Finding the right security for your kids

As the kids are finally going back to school after their long summer break now is the time to think about getting them decent security to lock up their valuables.

Whether it be their new mountain bike or their new I-Phone the Lockshop Warehouse has padlocks, chains and travel safes to secure all of their new gadgets and toys.

School Locker Padlocks

The most obvious of lock to start with would be the locker padlock which we have a section for online so you can see some of the suitable padlocks we offer. All school should now supply each student with a locker lock so that they can secure their valuables inside. There are a few different type of lockers but most of them work with a 5mm – 9mm shackle padlock. The padlock locks through a camlock that is attached to the locker and prevents it from turning. This means that you should not use a very small padlock as even when the padlock is locked you can still turn the camlock and open the locker.

We would recommend using either the ABUS Titalium Range which is a nice light weight material with great physical strength. Or if you are looking for something a little more cost effective then we have a range of Sterling coloured padlocks available. These may not be as strong and well built but for a school locker they will be suitable.

If your son or daughter is better with codes than keys then we have a range of combination padlocks that will be suitable for these lockers. We would recommend the coloured ABUS 145/40 padlocks

these offer great level of security and also come in novel colours to be a bit more exciting than the standard brass versions.

We have a full range of the key or combination padlocks we have that would be suitable for all types of school / sport lockers at the link below. It would be a good idea to check the size of the padlock that is needed for your specific need, if you still have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us.

Additional Security

With everyone getting new ‘Smart’ phones for birthdays and Christmas the rise in thefts at school has risen considerably. These items are too expensive to just replace so being able to stop people from taking what is not theirs is extremely important! We have a range of Masterlock travel boxes that are perfect to store I-Phones and wallets. These Master Travel Safes have a 4 wheel combination lock and a cable that can lock through or around anything that is fixed down meaning that you cannot remove the box without the correct combination. They are designed as a secondary level of security but will give stop any opportunist from taking whats not theirs.

Bike Security

Riding to school is becoming more and more popular now children are interested in getting fitter and healthier, so its important to have a light weight but secure method to lock up their bikes. We at the Lockshop Warehouse have an economical range of bike locks available on our Bike Lock section of the web site.

We have a great range of ABUS coloured bike chains and Masterlock cable locks that are perfect to lock the bike securely in the bike shed. Each lock coming with 2 keys so 1 can be kept safely at home or alternatively you can use a combination bike lock that makes losing the key a thing of the past.

Key Protection / Storage

The final thing we have available to make life easier with independent children either riding home or walking home with their friends is the key safes. These fit outside your home to store keys inside so that if the keys are lost at school or any other time you can get the spare set out of the box. These are designed for external use and are meant to be slightly hidden out of site so you cannot see it from the road (prevents people trying to open it who shouldn’t)

Alternatively we have the safe rock which is a novel key storage device, not the best way to do it but some people prefer this method of storing keys.

With all these options there can be scenarios where they are not suitable and these padlocks / locks will not work. We are happy to help you find any other type of lock that maybe more suitable for you so please feel free to get in touch with us on our contact page.