One Fully Protected Key for Everything

EVVA ICS Cylinders

We are excited to collaborate with EVVA to provide our unique Lockshop Warehouse ICS key profile for their extensive selection of cylinders. ICS cylinders are suitable for various purposes, whether it's for your home, office, or gym locker. With just one key, you can access them all, ensuring security that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

EVVA ICS Use Cases

The World's Strongest Padlock!

SQUIRE SS100CS Stronghold Padlock

Meet the SQUIRE SS100CS - the World's Strongest Padlock - this thing is practically indestructible, achieving LPCB Level SR4 (the best you can do). When it comes to locking up containers and external storage units there simply is nothing that comes close!

Supporting you with Expert Advice

Your security matters to us, and our staff are trained to help you navigate the complex and often overwhelming range of options available. Be it Insurance Standards or the weird and wonderful custom fixings our buildings require, we have decades of experience and close relationships with the right manufacturers to ensure you find what you need.

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