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Evva Scandinavian Oval Cylinder

Evva Scandinavian Oval Cylinder

Product Code: EVVASCAN

25.35  (30.42 inc VAT)
30.42  (25.35 ex VAT)
5 Pin Scandinavian Cylinder from Evva.

Unrestricted key profile, 30 minute fire resistant to 82 degrees C.,Anti corrosion as standard,

Finish : Nickel Plated, Brass or Polished Chrome
Keys Supplied : 3 (Brass)
Available master keyed or keyed alike
Differs : 30'000

Lock Size: 70mm

Key Configuration ?

Additional Key for Evva Cylinders

Additional Key for Evva Cylinders

Product Code: EVVA-CYL-EXK

3.00  (3.60 inc VAT)
3.60  (3.00 ex VAT)
Works with the range of Evva cylinders we carry (excluding the DPS range).

Enabling the use of multiple cylinder types (double, half, thumb turn etc...) to be keyed alike.

Keys in this section are cut and tested to the cylinders you have purchased in your order. We do not supply uncut blanks unless requested.

Master key for Evva Cylinders

Master key for Evva Cylinders

Product Code: EVVA-CYL-MK

6.00  (7.20 inc VAT)
7.20  (6.00 ex VAT)
This is an additional master key for our range of Evva cylinders.

When purchased alongside a master keyed cylinder we will make it up to the same profile as the existing masterkey allowing it to also operate all locks within that series.